10 traffic sources every marketer should know in 2016 and beyond!

By Subhash Desai Just like how a rookie journalist sniffs out a story, a digital marketer should sniff out traffic sources to reach out to more people! Recently, I was interviewing a few budding marketers in Hyderabad, and to my surprise only one out of five could name 4 traffic sources – that too with…

5 key components of a successful RFP response

  Imagine you got an SMS or an email requesting you to submit a proposal on digital marketing instantly. All you have got is a couple of hours to submit your proposal. What do you do? Your best guys are already on the field talking to other prospective clients. Some business people chicken out of…

Aren’t you generating enough leads?

Now 75 marketing agencies use SendQuotation to generate leads

The biggest challenge that agencies are facing today is generating enough leads, and at the same time ensuring that their existing customers do not fall out. To address these twin challenges, SendQuotation is born!